Jack Rabbits

Let’s explore Utah!

This class aims to develop our camper’s five senses and gross motor skills. We are going to feel the mud between our toes, smell the sagebrush after a rain, taste garden-fresh tomatoes, see the beauty of our canyons, and hear the sounds of Utah’s outdoors. We couldn’t do this without splashing in our Great Salt Lake, climbing our rocks, balancing on the forest logs, and running through our desert. Talk about some hands-on learning! Register now – we can’t wait.

Our Jack Rabbits will be jumping all over the place, so we aren’t going to have time to fit in a nap. Nap time will be replaced with Reading and Rest. Please remember to send a few of your camper’s favorite books with them each day in their backpack. Read more about what to bring to camp here.

This class is for our campers who are in Pre-K entering kindergarten or are already in kindergarten.

Register now!

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