Camp Expectations

It’s our goal to make sure that our campers not only learn about and experience Utah’s amazing landscape, but also have fun while doing it! It’s also important that our campers model good behavior, leadership, responsibility, and respectfulness. Our campers need to meet certain expectations in order to continue being in Camp Wild Life.

We have a “Three Strikes And You’re Out” policy regarding inappropriate, disrespectful or unsafe behavior. The first warning is verbal. If the behavior continues, a written warning will be sent home with the camper. If the behavior continues after that, the camper may be removed from Camp Wild Life indefinitely.

We do not tolerate violence whatsoever. Violence includes any physical activity that threatens the safety of fellow campers, teachers and staff. Violence will result in the immediate and indefinite removal of a camper from Camp Wild Life.

Our policy regarding inappropriate behavior at camp is outlined in the contract pdf below.

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