Let’s impact Utah!

This class is all about skills, knowledge, connection and inspiration. We are going to deepen our camper’s awareness of our delicate ecosystem. We have several goals for our campers:

  • To learn the ways of the river
  • To gain knowledge of the glaciers
  • To learn the skills of young conservationists
  • To learn about our human impact and ways we can help
  • To learn how to navigate with maps and a compass
  • To learn how to take advantage of all Utah has to offer with care and respect, and
  • To develop a passion for our great outdoors.

The Eagles are going to do their part by gently treading across trails, by snapping photos and not snapping branches, by catching and releasing, by leaving no trace, and more. Register now – we’re going to have a blast!

This class is for our campers who are in grades 4th-6th.

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