What’s New 2018

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New this year: 

Total Camp REVAMP!

At the end of camp 2017 we surveyed and interviewed our campers to see what we could do better and how to make camp more fun. Well they talked and we listened… Oh boy! are we going to be busy!!!

Camp Wild-Life is reorganizing.  We will still have our three groups: Jack Rabbits, Bears, and Eagles but, all three groups will be going at their own speed and functioning at their own levels, schedules and activities.

Jack Rabbits: Our young Jack rabbits function at much slower pace then the rest of our campers. We are still learning how to be big kids.  We will still be going on all our park days, hike days, field trip days, lesson days, and fun days but we will be going at a much slower pace. It takes time for all these young Jackrabbits to use the restroom and get sun-screened before we leave. The Jackrabbits main headquarters will be at our liberty park location.  It is there that they will come together and organize for their day, do their makerspaces, crafts, and have their down time. All three groups will still be together at the beginning and end of the day for location shuttles and pick-ups.

Bears: Our Bears group is always our biggest group every year so we divide it up into a Bears 1 and 2 group. This group will be using our big camp bus most days and will leave on field trips after the Eagles but before the Jackrabbits. Staggering the groups will ensure a more pleasurable experience. Bears 1 and 2 headquarters will be at Redeemer Lutheran Church and School. All three groups will still be together at the beginning and end of the day for location shuttles and pick-ups.

Eagles: The big kids! These Campers are busy and they always want to spend more time then we have allotted on field trips. Well they asked for it and they got it. They will be in their own bus. They will leave on field-trips before anyone else and come back after. They will do the harder hikes, the more active parks (ex: electric park, skateparks), and will have more things to accomplish throughout their camp days. Eagles headquarters will also be at Redeemer Lutheran Church and School in the upstairs classroom. All three groups will still be together at the beginning and end of the day for location shuttles and pick-ups.

More additions and changes because our campers have great ideas:

  • Skate Parks: Our Eagle’s group and experienced Bear’s will have the opportunity to go to skate parts for either skate boarding and or scooting.
  • Parkour: Our older campers will be learning the basics of parkour.  Parkour is a training discipline using movement that includes running, climbing, jumping, vaulting, and swinging.
  • Cooking Class:  We are fortunate to have a trained chef on staff. She can’t wait to cook with our campers while teaching them cooking basics while creating some of their favorite foods.
  • New Parks: Every year we find new parks in the valley that we can’t wait to explore. A couple of our new parks include: Lodestone and Wardell field.
  • New Field Trips: Don’t you worry…we kept your favorites *clear throat* can we say “Cowabunga Bay!” but we added some new ones that we have never done before. Our Jackrabbits will be able to go and feed the ducks while our Eagles and Bears get down with the Nickelcade. We are visiting new pools this year as well. Please see this years schedule for a complete list of this years field trips.
  • Chill Time: We are too old for naps. yuck! However, our campers wanted some chill time, to relax, hang with their friends, make boondoggles, friendship bracelets, and check in with the New York Times. This year each group will have their own “Chill Zone” equipped with cozy bean bags, plenty of boondoggle supplies, and age appropriate reading materials.
  • Lessons: This is HUGE! This year lessons will be included in tuition and offered to all our campers! There will be a different lesson scheduled each week per group and everyone will get to experience it!!!



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