What’s New 2019

camp wildlife2

New this year: 

Two hubs:

Until now we have had one main Sugarhouse hub located at Redeemer Lutheran Church and School. We pick up from the other locations and transport our campers to our Sugarhouse hub then divide and conquer.

This year we are adding another hub in the south end of the valley located inside Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. This will allow us to accommodate more campers and will also allow us to be more comfortable during our red air days.

The two hubs will now be called our North Hub and South Hub. Each hub will have their own red air day calendars.  These calendars are used when we are forced to do an indoor activity because of the poor air quality in the valley. It is still our goal to be outside as much as possible.

Jackrabbits will still be centrally located at our Liberty park location.

Wolf-pack Leadership Program

This year we are replacing Junior Councilors, a program for our Junior High Campers, and introducing The Wolf-Pack. This is an organized Leadership program that will incorporate more advanced field-trips and activities while still learning the ropes of being a camp councilor. It is our goal with this program to continue to inspire young conservationists while promoting confidence and leadership skills.




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