COVID-19 upended everyone’s daily lives seemingly overnight – and the same happened to Camp Wild Life. Teaching our youth about the environment and ecology around us, as well as providing top quality childcare for the families of the Wasatch Front, will always be our priority. Today, we need your help so that we can continue to do this once the pandemic ends.

Please consider donating to Camp Wild Life so that we can continue to pay our teachers during the crisis, as well as fund field trips and exciting adventures once the crisis ends. Help us be here today so that we can be here for you tomorrow! We are extremely grateful for the community’s continued support of us, and we look forward to a summer full of fun!

There are a few ways to donate to us:

  • Donate via PayPal (click the Donate button below, or use this link)
  • Donate via Venmo (@stjohnsccdc)
  • Send us a check:
    • Our address is 475 E. Herbert Ave., Salt Lake City UT 84111
    • Make payable to St. John’s CCDC, for Camp Wild Life Donation
  • Call or email us to request that your donation is removed from your tuition billing account.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any in-person donations at this time, due to COVID-19 state licensing restrictions.

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