Camp and COVID-19: Having fun while being safe

May has flown by and June 1st is just around the corner – which means camp is coming up! On Monday, we released our calendar for the first half of summer, as well as our safety measures while COVID-19 continues to be a threat to our community. Below are our COVID-19 precautions. Also, check out our What to Bring page that outlines all the adventure necessities campers will need on day one!

Upon Arrival:

All campers will wash their hands when they arrive and before they board the bus, and all campers will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees, or any other symptoms of any illness, cannot attend camp until symptoms improve. Staff will screen campers for any other symptoms of illness and ask parents if anyone in their household is ill or showing any symptoms of illness. If the camper and their family are well and their hands are clean, it’s on to some adventure!

During the day:

The CDC recommends that the proper hand-washing combined with wearing a face mask is an effective measure against COVID-19. All campers will frequently wash their hands throughout the day, and campers will wear a mask anytime they are on a field trip or otherwise leaving the school. Group sizes of 15 campers will be maintained at all times. If soap and water are unavailable for any reason, hand sanitizer will be used.

For Field Trips:

Camp buses will be thoroughly cleaned before and after campers are on it, and bathrooms and other frequently-used areas at field trip locations will be thoroughly cleaned by our own staff before using them. We are only visiting locations that meet health department and state licensing standards of health and safety. Group size limits will be maintained on buses and vans (a maximum of 15 campers and maximum of 20 individuals altogether, including driver and staff). All individuals on buses and vans will adhere to social distancing as much as possible, and we encourage all campers and staff to maintain a six foot distance between individuals when out and about.

As always, we are so grateful for the kids and families that make camp possible. Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation as we navigate these strange times and do our best to make camp better than the year before, no matter what obstacles are in the way!

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