Open enrollment starts February 1st!


Enrollment time again!

We are beyond excited for summer camp 2017. We have so many new things planned: swimming lessons, new hikes, new parks, new field trips, and new actives.

Open enrollment begins February 1st at midnight

See you this summer…

How do I register?

  1. Go to our Summer Camp Resources page
  2. Select the Register now button
  3. Select your drop off location (Liberty Park location or Sugarhouse location)
  4. Register
  5. Print and fill out enrollment papers if you are not a returning student. Theses papers are in a green link below the Register now button.
  6. If your child is a returning student: Make time to check and sign the existing enrollment papers. This can be done the first day of camp.
  7. Drop off or mail in the registration fee.
  8. Email Tiffany the dates you will be attending Camp Wild-Life this summer.

After your registration is complete you will receive a welcome letter from us containing options for lessons, new and exciting things for this summer, and what to expect on the first day.

Have another question? Great! We would love to answer that for you. Feel free to email us or


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